Hello from Bangkok!

Holla from BKK!
I’ve been a bad blogger lately, but I’ve been playing in Southeast Asia and can’t be blamed, really.
I bought these fun wigs in Siam and wore the curly one on my birthday, which took a good 24 hours, 2 kilograms of Pad Thai and one very long full body massage to get rid of ( I turned 21 for the second time). RhaRha took us out to Bed Supperclub and of course we ended up at DJ Station where I believe things got out hand. More on that later (hopefully when I develop the birthday film I don’t throw it under the bed due to sheer shame).
Leaving for the airport now to go and pillage duty free for every bottle of Burberry they have.

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5 Responses to “Hello from Bangkok!”

  1. linn says:

    i’ve missed the posts!

  2. Em says:

    Cute! xxx

  3. OMG you look so freaking cute!! LOVE IT ON YOU :) and you look so flawless!

  4. Miss Taty says:

    all is well, love the wigs they add a naughty Marilyn Monroe look to u,lol. Glad u spared time to keep us posted. when will u be heading back?

  5. Minna says:

    Wow, you look so beautiful! ♥ xx

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